Design a unified navigation header for all of Acquia’s Products.


Compare the existing header designs of Acquia’s products (Acquia Profile Manager shown). What does the user want to accomplish through the header? What are the main goals of the product, and therefore what should be the main areas of navigation?

A/B User testing was completed on two prototypes. The testing asked where the user would look for specific information when shown each header, such as billing information, teams and permissions, how to change their password, and where to find notifications.

One header design consisted of words as navigation items, and one displayed icons.

he thought behind the navigtion items overall in the header was that the right items would be “Universal” or, cross-Acquia products, and the left items were specific to the product the user was in. For example, a user’s Acquia account information would be accessible from the right human icon, and this would be the same across any Acquia products they may have access to.


The majority of users described the words as more “clear,” but overall they preferred icons. The icons were described as easy to learn and remember. The one word kept in the UI was “help,” as it was so immediately recognizeable.

The first three screens to the left represent the current navigation in Acquia Cloud.

Note the tabs on the left are clear actionable items that sum up the product’s capabilities.

The following screens represent how the header should look when there are engineering resources at Acquia sufficient to implement each menu.